What is Freeletics?

If you Google Freeletics for it's definition you will most likeley find something like:
"The core of Freeletics is a set of predefined high-intensity workouts. All workouts are bodyweight only. You always do them as fast as you can. They only take between 5 and 45min." 
This definition is accurate but, to my eyes, incomplete. There is so much more to Freeletics than that!

If somebody were to ask me why I decided to become a Free Athlete (Free athletics) I guess I would have to say it was the pictures on the facebook page that convinced me. Sure, the before/after videos on YouTube are great, sure it seems unbelievable to achieve such results in 10 to 15 weeks, but what really hit close to my heart were the pictures; simple white and blue lettering on a grey background with messages as powerful as:

Going through that photo album and reading message after mind-blowing-message changed something in me. I suddenly realized they were talking about me, it was me who cared about what others might think, it was me who believed I had limitations, it was my mind that was weak... and I didn't like it. 

These messages have opened my eyes to really see myself. They have also opened a door (Freeletics) for personal growth. I am convinced that, by the end of my training, I will feel better both phisically and mentally... I am not yet sure if I'm looking forward more to the former or the latter.

So yes, Freeletics is a set of short, predefined, bodyweight only high-intensity workouts. It is also a lifestyle, and as I see it, somewhat of a philosopy. 

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  1. Some would say "Good luck bro", but I definitely will tell that as I believe there is no such thing as luck. Luck doesn't exist... you work hard, keep up with your diet, go beyond your possibilities and that's when "Luck" happens. There is only preparation and hard work that matters